PB-02 - Angled Bronzer/Blush Brush

Our PB-02 angled bronzer/blush brush is the perfect brush for a beautiful contoured/bronzed look. This brush is designed perfectly to apply any powder product on your cheeks. Like all our brushes the soft synthetic bristles feels so amazing on your face. The perfect brush!

Cruelty Free

Made in The USA

Vegan Makeup Brushes

Synthetic Hair (Vegan)

Super densely packed ultra fine fibers delivers streak-free, flawless coverage

Sturdy, tilted handle for precision and stability

Thoroughly wet the bristles. Apply a pea size amount of your favorite brush cleaner on to a brush cleaning pad.

Gently swirl the bristles on the cleaning pad working up a lather.

Rinse the bristles thoroughly until they're clean of discoloration and water runs clear.

Reshape bristles to it's original form. Lay your brush flat until fully dry.

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