Welcome to Pinky B Beauty! We are an online makeup store committed to providing you with the best makeup and beauty products available on the market today. Our mission is to spread love, beauty, and positivity using the power of makeup. But, Pinky B Beauty is more than just a makeup brand. We understand the importance of feeling beautiful. When you feel beautiful, you are confident, and when you are confident, you spread joy and positivity wherever you go. That is the power of makeup.

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All of our products are cruelty-free and are not tested on animals.


Our products are more than makeup and beauty accessories. Our products are designed to allow you to embrace your beauty. We want to make you feel beautiful by highlighting your natural beauty. We want you to feel confident and self-empowered. If you are new to makeup, the wide selection of available products can be overwhelming. Our featured products can make the first step easy.

We highlight our most popular products, newly launched products, and sometimes offer sales and deals. In addition, our featured products change regularly, so check back for freshly highlighted makeup and beauty accessories, including lip liners, lipsticks, faux lashes, and eye shadows.

Featured Products

SALSA Faux MinkSALSA Faux Mink
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Our online makeup store has various quality makeup products that are affordable and can give you an unbeatable look every time. Whether you are a makeup novice, an experienced artist, or an everyday dabbler, we have the makeup products and beauty accessories you need to show off what makes you beautiful. From lipstick to lashes, brow liners to eye shadows, we have it all. Click the link below to shop our entire collection.

Quality makeup that's affordable and gives you an unbeatable look every time

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Who doesn’t love lipstick? The perfect lip color can change your mood, tie an outfit together, or transform your wardrobe from every day to date night. Whether you want a liquid lip stain, traditional lipstick, or lip gloss, we have the perfect lip product for you!

Whether you want to play it safe or go bold, want crème, matte, shine, liquid, or shimmer, our affordable lip colors and moisturizing products can help you find your knockout look. Whatever your personality, our choice of lip products can boost your confidence and make you feel like a million bucks.

From matte to shiny, nude to bold, your lips are sure to stand out.

  • For lip color you can wear every day, we recommend a lipstick one or two shades darker than your natural color.
  • For a night on the town, we recommend a lip color with a touch of sparkle. You can also never go wrong with a bold, red lip or a fun, bright color.
  • Matte lipsticks can make your lips look thinner, while dark shades can cause your lips to appear smaller.







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We provide the most innovative beauty items on the market in a really one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Our customers benefit from unrivaled technical product expertise, professional guidance, and courteous service. Our mission is to provide the greatest personal care products in the world as well as professional advice to every individual in an educational way. Choose us as your most preferred online makeup store because of our:

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We have fantastic pricing on Professional Beauty items and regular special offer promos and set discounts, so we are typically the greatest value in the industry.

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This is an area where we truly distinguish ourselves from the competition. We actively monitor all orders from start to completion and strive to keep you updated at all times. After all, you're paying us for an item and a service, so why should you bother chasing us? For that extra touch of personal attention, we provide you with a specialized team of customer agents to assist you at every stage of your buying process.

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All of your needs are just a few steps away in our online store or a phone call away to our specialized order line. Pinky B beauty's online cosmetic business enjoys communication. If you've any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email, and our specialized beauty experts will indeed be happy to share their expertise and knowledge with you.