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It is easy to be stunned at every release of eyeshadow palettes. But do you know how to utilize it to create the look you want? If you answer no, you’re not alone. Some makeup lovers do not know either. It might interest you to know that you do not need makeup artist credentials or an art degree for an excellent application. All you need is the right eyeshadow palettes from Pinky B Beauty and a propensity for color. 
The Best Way To Apply Eyeshadow Palettes For A Natural Look
If you are going for a natural look, it doesn’t mean you are sacrificing color and fun. The natural look will still offer you a glamorous look. Here are four steps to achieve that:
Step 1: Apply Eyeshadow Primer
Apply a quality eyeshadow primer across your lids. Use your fingers to dot along the upper lash line to your brow bone. The best primers are usually lightweight formulas coupled with a matte finish.
Step 2: Build Your Base
Use a neutral shade that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone. You should insert your fluffy eyeshadow brush in the shade and spread it evenly across your eyelid.
Step 3: Define Your Crease
Use a brush with short and tapered bristles and then add depth to your eyes using a darker shade. Apply them generously along the crease of the lid. 
Step 4: Blend And Highlight
At this stage, you would have gotten some harsh lines to fight with. Use a soft brush to smooth out the spot where the dark crease color and the base color meet till the blending appears seamless. Add a highlighter with a dusting of the lightest color under the brow bones and in the corner of the eyes.
Applying An Eyeshadow Palette For A Smoky Look
To achieve a flawless smokey makeup look, make sure you use a smoky eyeshadow palette. The colors come with dense pigmentation, particularly when you pair them with golden chrome shimmer. You can use them on the center of your lids either as a casual highlighter or it can be built up to offer a premium glam look. If you need further tips on how to get a smokey eye, speak with one of our experts today.
Using A Brightly Colored Eyeshadow Palette
You'll undoubtedly find colorful palettes inspiring. With a few swipes of jewel-toned colors across your lids, you can liven up your look. Bright colored palettes allow you to branch outside your comfort zone. We have some of the silkiest and blendable shadows you could ever try. You can adjust a palette of this color easily to any makeup of your choice. All you need is a short angled brush.
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Are you having trouble selecting the perfect eyeshadow palettes for your desired look? Our professionals at Pinky B beauty will guide you in picking from our incredible selections. Eyeshadow can be tricky to correctly apply, but with the proper guidance, your makeup application will look flawless. For more information, contact us today!