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Makeup brushes and makeup sponges are excellent beauty tools. While they are a must-have for most makeup artists globally, they serve different purposes. Whether you need to fill your kit with durable pink egg-shaped sponges or you want sturdy shining makeup brushes, Pinky B Beauty is here for you!

When To Use Makeup Brushes
If you don’t want to waste your foundation, it is better to stay off makeup sponges during base application. Instead, go for a foundation brush that is made with vegan hair. When you use these brushes, they won’t absorb all your liquid foundation, which means that you wouldn’t have to waste your hard-earned money. Our durable brushes have a fluffy circular tip that enhances even distribution. Additionally, it prevents pigment congestion in pores and skin that is textured. Brushes also foster concentrated application. However, when using a brush, there are some preventive measures to take. This includes not being heavy-handed. Make it a goal to build up the amount you’ll like to apply instead of brushing everything at once. Likely, you aren’t sure of the right brushes to use for the job. You aren’t alone! With our experts, finding the right one wouldn't be overwhelming.
When To Use A Makeup Sponge
Can you use a makeup sponge during makeup application? Absolutely! But only for finishing touches. If you desire a flawless finish, you can always count on a makeup sponge. They are regarded as an ideal tool for obtaining a perfect natural foundation application. Whether you are using a reusable sponge or other types, makeup sponges are great when you are near the end of your application. They are incredible for cleaning up streaky bronzer or for absorbing any excessive concealer or foundation. They work wonders when it comes to the application of a light layer of highlighter or blush. You can use them with cream products to obtain a natural finish. The coverage of a makeup sponge is buildable, perfect, and will make your makeup stay all day. Unfortunately, sponges are known to be notorious since they could be tough to wash, and they allow the breeding of nasty germs and bacteria.
Our Verdict
While it is clear that both brushes and sponges have their pros and cons, the choice to pick one over the other depends on you. Irrespective of what tool you pick, allow one universal rule to guide you. First, always ensure that you wash your tools regularly. This is applicable to both brushes and sponges. In addition, replace those sponges the moment they start getting ripped and textured. Finally, make sure you replace your brush once its original shape starts to shrink.

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