How to use a colorful, highly pigmented eye shadow palette like a pro makeup artist?

Eye shadows are essential to the makeup, and if applied correctly, they can add depth to your eyes, making them look larger, defined, and attractive. In many model photoshoots, simple little makeup is put on the face with a bold and loud eyeshadow. Appealing and pretty eyes can overpower the lousy lips and big or too pointed noses, so eye shadows are important in your makeup routine.

But as simple and satisfying it looks when being done by a professional, it might be a challenging task for beginners. Your too hard or too light brush strokes, harsh tapping with fingers, and incorrect base shade; can all make your eyes look like a three-year-old's canvas minus the cuteness. So after buying that colorful palette from your favorite insta influencer’s recommended brand, if you are confused thinking how you use eyeshadow palette colors, this write-up is for you. Pinky B Beauty believes that makeup is for everyone, and so we bring you some tips and tricks to ace that eye look. Now whether you want to go all-out with those funky, bright colors and glimmering shimmers, an event-specific artsy eye style, or casual, graceful makeup is needed for your everyday business, we have got you covered!

Blending eyeshadow to perfection

If you have been lured into trying eye makeup and are hopelessly speed-watching tens and hundreds of Youtube tutorials, here is a two-minute read to help you out. 

  • Choosing the right shade

  • When picking a shade for your eyes, a lot of factors should be considered. They include complexion, eye color, dress, event, desired look, and even the time of the day. Colors are categorized into families based on similarity in tones and shades, for example, Lavender, violet, light, and dark brown. It is usually preferred to choose shades from one family. Similarly, the amount of light and its angle matter because they reflect on your color and enhance certain shades.  

  • Brush selection

  • With eye makeup, it should be noted that using a brush is important. All the professional artists use it, and so you also need them for a shape and proper application. Various brushes are available, but we would recommend you go for synthetic ones that are easy to use depending on your eye shape and skin texture. 

  • Primer magic

  • A primer can improve the smoothness and quality of your makeup. It also prevents creasing making your makeup last longer. Therefore, this is one essential that can really give your eyes a dimension, texture, and prominence. 

  • Base shade

  • Base color makes the actual eyeshadow more vibrant. Mostly cream or brown shades are used as a base as they compliment most of the colors.

  • Mixing, mingling, blending

  • With a clean pencil brush, after applying the eyeshadow and highlighter, gently blend the colors to get the final look.

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