When is it time to replace the beauty sponge?

Makeup can be applied in a variety of ways. Your fingers, cosmetic brushes, and makeup sponges are all options. Then there's Beauty Blender, the wacky, colorful brand that everyone is raving about. Is there anything more satisfying than opening a new beauty blender container and seeing your new sponge in its purest state? No stains, no blemishes–just pure pink bliss. But, alas, all beautiful things must end at some point, and you'll eventually want to substitute your beauty blender with a new one.  But the question is, how long should a beauty blender last? For this, there are some tell-tale signs that it's time to replace your beauty blender or if you need a good cleaning. Just go to the Pinky B Beauty and check which option you've got.

When should you replace your beauty blender?

Beauty blenders are the quickest way to blend makeup without leaving a harsh appearance; you can use them to apply moisturizer, contour your face, and so much more. They will, however, not last eternally. Here's how to discern when it's time to replace your beauty sponge:

  1. 3-Month rule

While deciding to replace your Beauty Blender, the 3-month rule is recommended by the brand. This rule, though, isn't absolute. If you wear makeup every day, you might need to substitute your Beauty Blender sooner than the 3-month limit. If you only wear makeup on weekends, then it may last longer than three months. 

  1. Discoloration of the blender

When the bright colors of your Beauty Blender fade over time as you use it, that's not a good sign if makeup residues have permanently stained it. It's advisable to acquire a new one if this is the case. The discoloration created by the buildup will alter how your makeup appears when applied. 

  1. Deterioration of the blender

Beauty Blender is a far more enduring sponge than those cheap packages of drab white beauty sponges. Even still, after all that is merging and spreading, they will deteriorate with time. It's better to upgrade it if you detect flaking, stripping, ripping, fading color, or it's altering its shape. It won't help you in the least if you utilize it in a malformed state.

How long should a beauty blender last?

Beauty blenders generally last 3 to 6 months, depending on their usage. Seasons are an excellent way to think about it. Check your sponge once-over when the season changes and a new season arrives. Try these tips to extend its life, so you don't have to purchase a new one as frequently!

  • Clean it after each use.
  • Ensure that it is scorched.
  • Do not store it in your makeup pouch if it is still wet.
  • Try cutting it up. It won't be as intuitive, but you'll have new edges to work with.

How often should I clean my beauty blender?

It would be best if you replaced your blender every three months, according to experts. But when your sponge turns moldy and unpleasant, it means that now it's time to clean it. You will observe the change in its color(from dull to bright). However, you should wash your beauty blender after each use. 


Beauty Blender is an excellent makeup application tool, but it is not intended to last forever.  We should not overlook the expiry dates of makeup sponges and other beauty products. That's why it's critical to wash — and eventually substitute — the equipment you use to paint your face. Go to our website, Pinky B Beauty, for further specifications and details. You can also reach us at our website in case of any questions.